I am presently using a Sony Vaio laptop with WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL and a 256GB

I am presently using a Sony Vaio laptop with WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL and a 256GB hard disk with partitions of C: and D:. I would like to keep and use this computer at my office.

I have recently bought another Sony Vaio with WINDOWS 7 PROFESSIONAL and a 256GB SSD. I would like to use and keep this computer at my residence.

Now the question is that I would like to keep both my laptops uptodate. I.e. Any changes made in either are mirrored on to the external USB hard drive which I will carry to and from the office and home to restore on either one.

Which is the software program You would advice me to use to accomplish this task.

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  1. What is it that you're trying to keep up to date? If it's just some files, you could simply copy them over to the flash drive or even keep them stored on the flash drive. You wouldn't need to use any program to do any mirroring if you tried that.
  2. They could either be files, photos, mails, or programs
  3. Possibly excluding the programs since IDK what exactly they are (wouldn't both machines simply have all of their programs installed locally?), the rest of that stuff could easily just be put on the flash drive unless it doesn't have enough capacity for it.

    If you still want something to mirror files over between the hard drives and the USB flash drive, then the easiest thing to do would be to simply copy them over when to go to or from work/home, but if you want a program to do it on the fly, IDK what exactly you'd need. A Google search should find something if no one else shows up here with examples of such programs.
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