ESATA to SATA Cable - HDD not detected

I'm running 9 HDD's and I needed room for one more, but didn't have any SATA ports left.

So, I bought an eSATA to SATA cable and connected it to the eSATA port on the back panel of my motherboard.

Unfortunately, this does not work. Not in IDE and not in ACHI.

Am I doing something wrong?
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  1. Can you provide details: what mobo, what cable? Did you also connect a power supply to the SATA HDD? Some mobos will require installing a driver for the eSATA port.
  2. You still need to provide the drive with... POWER
    Take the cable back and get yourself an eSata powered enclosure or dock.
  3. It's a Gigabyte H67MA-D2H.

    Yes, the drive has power.

    No, there is no option for eSATA in the BIOS.

    No, it is not a driver issue, because the drive is not found in the BIOS as IDE nor ACHI.
  4. The only hint I could find in your mobo manual is on Page 41 - Standard CMOS Features. The manual says there are 6 SATA ports in total (so howcum you already have 9 drives?) and the last of these is the eSATA port on the back. In the screenshot on p. 41, I suspect that means the one called "IDE Channel 3 Master" is the eSATA port really. The instructions say you can configure this port to either "Auto" (detect device during POST) or "None" (Ignore this port). So, is your set to Auto? Is your external drive connected and powered on when you boot, so it can be detected?
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