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DDR2 or!!!!!!!!!!!

hi friends,
i have a core2duo E7500 2.98ghz, 320gigs of hdd, 2gb of RAM and inbuilt intel display accelerator g31 etc(desktop).
yesterday after a discussion on tomshardware i thought i would go for a Hd 5670 or hd 5750 or hd 5450 or hd 5570 because these cards have low power consumption.and even i was impressed with ATIs performance. these all cards have DDR5 memory.
so i rushed to the nearest store and asked for the card but he told that " your motherboard doesn't support DDR5 and if you get the ATI card your mobo will be cooked in few days." he also said that " Nvidia has life compared to ATI ".
IS this true? i have a gigabyte G31MES2L(energy saver mobo).
please help me...............
i want to play starcraft2, cod, medal of honor etc at full resolution.and crysis at atleast mid resolution
i have a 22 inch LCD display with 1600*900 resolution.
i am trying to get a graphic card having good lifespan and performance and low power consumption.
goshh... choosing a good graphic card is so hard......!!!!!!!!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
I have not slept from over a week and choosing a graphic card had became by worst nightmare. :cry: :cry:
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  1. ????
    how can a mobo 'not support ddr5' on a graphics card?
    whoever told you that is just plain stupid.
    i have a simlar motherboard to yours and im running a gtx 460 which has ddr5 ram.

    well since your using a res of 1600*900 i would get the 5750 or 5770.
    PS can you post what power supply you are using?
  2. alhanelem is right, in a sense Your board in particular will support DDR5 graphics interface RAM. The frying part? Is a load of rubish.

    With very entry level boards such as biostars and ECS i have found limitations in graphics RAM interface so be a bit weary, this conflict has only ever happend once in my whole IT career. Also rather go for a ATI 5770 much better card!

    Also if you are going for this card and have a standered setup you will needa about a 500Watt too 600Watt PSU.

    Kindest Regards Rob."
  3. i don't know much about my psu but my pc retalier told it can handle 9600gt and what about low power consuming card? Is 5770 is a low power consuming card?
  4. and please also have a look at the motherboard link above mentioned my me.
  5. well if the PC retailer was telling the truth then you should have a 400 watt PSU or better, however the amps on the 12 volt rail are more important.

    could you open the side of your PC case and see what psu you have?
    or even better, take a picture of the sticker on the side of the psu and post it here
  6. i can't open my case right now. its raining outside.
    assume i have a 400 watt PSU.
    Is that enough for 5770 or 5750?
  7. and do 5770 or 5750 have good life and can it withstand 10 hrs daily load?
  8. well... the recommended is 450 watts, so unless you have 450 then no luck.
    also you need a pcie 6 pin connector as well for the 5770 and 5750

    also, 10 hours daily? wth are you doing for ten hours a day?
    im guessing the 5770 and 5750 will last that long as long as your case has good ventilation, try to keep it away from close spaces like next to a wall or inside a cabinet, etc.
  9. actually i am doing Engineering in cs and want to go in graphics development in future, so i want a future proof card with low $$$. so apart gaming i use a lot of gpu power on other stuff. so i wanted a cold and health card!!!!!!1
  10. wiz_yashas said:
    so i rushed to the nearest store and asked for the card but he told that " your motherboard doesn't support DDR5 and if you get the ATI card your mobo will be cooked in few days." he also said that " Nvidia has life compared to ATI ".

    LMAO!! Don't shop there anymore, or at least don't ask for their advice anymore anyhow. If their prices are good, buy what you want (usually cheaper online).

    The type of RAM on the video card has no affect on the PC itself. Only time Memory type becomes an issue is with regard to actual RAM is for the physical RAM which connects directly to the motherboard. Video card memory is not an issue.
  11. Best answer
    @ 1600 x 900 resolution, an ATI 5770 is PLENTY. An ATI 5750 would also suffice and do fairly well for you. As has already been mentioned by someone else, they will require a PCI-E 6-pin power connector from your Power Supply.

    HIS ATI 5770 1GB $139 + Free Shipping

    HIS ATI 5750 1GB $119 + $1.99 Shipping

    These are the cheapest 5770 and 5750 you can order through (if you're not familiar, NewEgg is a HUGE online retailer in the United States. Very trustworthy). The ATI 5770 will have much better performance for only $20 more. The ATI 5750 would use less power, and is a single slot option so it doesn't fill two spaces in the back of the case. However the custom cooler on it will still physically take up space inside.

    Both cards are recommending a 450W power supply or greater. Both require a 6-pin power connector.

    According to these guys the reference ATI 5770 uses 102W running the Furmark Benchmark (which stresses the video card more than a game can do). It only used 78W when playing Race Driver Grid.,697202/Ati-Radeon-HD-5770-reviewed-DirectX-11-Mid-Range/Reviews/

  12. I think we can sum this up with, professional tech support tends to be staffed with poorly trained morons not people who actually know anything.

    nVidia and ATI card both have about the same life span, usually more than 5-7 years before they go, by then you should have replaced it anyway.

    As jerreece has said, the memory on your motherboard does not interact with the memory on the graphics card, no motherboard has GDDR5 memory so if they had to match no motherboard could support those cards, but since the memory is controlled by the GPU you can run a GDDR5 card on a board with DDR1 if you wanted to.

    When you get a chance, pop open your case and look at the side of the power supply, there will be a sticker with a table on it, post the make and model if you can find it, or the power on each of the 12V rails. The 5750 and 5770 dont take much, and you can run them on a good 400W PSU no problem, but if you have a crappy 400W PSU i wouldnt risk it. You can get something like an Antec EA430D, or a Corsair 400CX(if you can find one still) either of them would be plenty to power your system.
  13. To follow-up on hunter315's comment. The ATI 5750 and 5770 are low power use. Here's a graph from a ATI 5770/5750 review:


    They were using an Intel I7-975 which is more power hungry than your Core 2 Duo. With such low total power use, a 400W PSU with your setup should be capable. We just need to make sure you have the 6-pin power connector and you're all set. Of course these total power draw numbers are taken "from the wall" and don't necessarily indicate wattage through the PSU itself.
  14. thank you for all your help and suggestion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thank you all once again........................
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  16. "400w" could mean almost anything depending on who is saying that it is "400w." We would need to know the brand/model of the power supply to tell you what cards it can handle.
  17. jyjjy don't worry about the power supply.I will get a new psu if my existing psu is not sufficient.
    today i again called my retailer........
    The f*** retailer from whom i brought my mobo is telling me that my mobo won't support any card above DDR2.
    and he is also telling me that "he won't be responsible if something happens to my mobo"
    ARE you guys sure that my mobo GA G31M-ES2L rev 1.0 supports DDR3 or DDR5 cards?
    please answer this?
    i know i am acting dumb but i am a little confused.......
  18. ALL motherboards support GDDR5 GPU's (PCI-E connectors)

    There is a different between DDR and GDDR btw.. DDR is RAM and GDDR is GPU RAM effectively.

    Yes i 100% know your Motherboard will support a GDDR5 GPU :)
  19. please reccy tell that retard, mf,a**h**le retailer this thing!!!!!!!!!!
    put some sense into his head....
    well...............atleast now i am sure that i can get a HD 5770 for myself or a GTS 250.
    thanks a lot reccy....
    hey and one more thing i have a pci 1.0 *16 but the cards require pci 2.0 *16!!
  20. You don't need PCI-e 2.0...the PCI-e x16 slot you have will work perfectly with the PCI-e 2.0 graphics card...2.0 is 100% backwards compatable with 1.0. The 2.0 PCI-e standard simply allows you to use multiple cards at a better speed. The maximum two cards can go on a standard PCI-e x16 set-up in 1.0 is 8x each Add in a third card... Right now, with PCI-e, you can have one card at x16 speed, two cards at x16 speed, three or more, the speed drops to x8 for 3 or 4 i believe.
  21. Just work with him... tell him you would like to upgrade your motherboard to one that uses DDR5 ram so that you can use an HD5000 or GTX 400 video card, or even an HD4870/90. There are no motherboards that use DDR5 so his response should be amusing.
    A PCIe 1.0 slot should handle a 2.0 card btw.
  22. until and unless your pci slot meets required space as required by card it will work...salesman is trying to trick you....i am using 9800gt ddr 3 on my ddr 2 mobo... lol
    any DDRs can work with each other.
  23. nice one there "jyjjy"...
    and thank you "Ati RaDEoN" for your help..
  24. hey i am located in a hot country so can anyone help me to choose a good card manufacturer or company etc who offer good cooling with gpu.
    mainly containing a Nvidia GTS 250 or HD 5770 gpu....
  25. Despite the higher performance the HD5770 actually uses significantly less power/gives off less heat than the GTS 250 so I would go for that if temperatures are a concern.
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