$400 Budget Gaming PC (AMD Based)

hey everyone, i'm a college student on a supremely tight budget. i didn't intend to play games while in school, but releases like just cause 2, f1 2010 and dirt 2 are just irresistible. i was hoping the community could help me with a budget gaming pc that could cost me less than 400, if it goes over by $10-20 its alright, so long as the benefits far exceed the cost. i've lost touch with all the latest hardware releases, so i'm really grateful! i'm hoping to play the games i mentioned at about medium settings, is that overly ambitious?

also, do you have any recommendations on monitors under $150, preferably 22" and above? just a quick comment, i know there are tons of articles on this, just thought i'd hear your ideas

Approximate Purchase Date: now or black friday is ok, i'd like to just get an idea of the parts to look out for. if you know of any parts that will be released then which offer better value, i don't mind waiting a month.

Budget Range: (e.g.: 600-800) 400 after rebates

System Usage from Most to Least Important: gaming (f1 2010, dirt 2, just cause 2), watching movies

Parts Not Required: speakers, mouse, keyboard

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: any site in the US that gives the best price (newegg, amazon etc)

Country of Origin: US

Parts Preferences: by brand or type : none, price and performance is main concern. i put AMD in the title because i believe they're still in the value gamers market?

Overclocking: No

SLI or Crossfire: No, i'm guessing price will go up with a crossfire config?

Monitor Resolution: depending on your recommendation

Additional Comments: again, price and performance is main concern. doesnt have to be quiet or have a window

thank you so much!
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  2. thanks batuckha that was really quick! regarding the instant/combo/MIR discounts, do you need promo codes? also, is the graphics card the only item from newegg - are the rest from a diff site?

    could you please recommend a budget ($100-150) 22-24" monitor to go with this build too? (i'm thinking i have to watch out for resolution)

    thanks so much!!
  3. 1. Nope
    2. All h/w and prices off Egg USA actually hehe
    3. Juicy 23" $140 Free Ship?

    By the way suggested game settings for config

    Dirt 2: Playable Full HD + AA/AF

    Just Cause 2: Tone down to 1680 x 1050 DX 10 mode strictly no AA (perhaps Full HD/Medium?)

    So to answer your question

    i'm hoping to play the games i mentioned at about medium settings, is that overly ambitious?

    Nope not overly ambitious at all with carefully picked out parts/combos hehe
  4. mosox said:

    Commendable effort but lacking a processor for a workable solution :lol:
  5. thanks for the batuchka, much appreciated! couple of quick questions though:

    1) i still don't get why the GFX card wasnt priced in the same shopping cart, considering all are from newegg usa?

    2) how do you upload pics from your newegg cart?

    3) between



    4) i was on hardware canucks, but i cant find just cause 2 for spec charts. where's the dirt 2 chart from?

    thanks once again!
  6. 1. The original config was actually for a perosn with 0% gaming *now* with gaming later on hehe

    2. I use cut/paste into Paint then Photobucket :P

    3. Both a too steep for a 23-24" for me but if u dun think so go with your choice


    You are welcomed ^^
  7. oh what do you think of overclocking this system/graphics card? any significant boots/cooling/stability issues?
  8. hey batuchka check this out

    how about swapping out the case for the cooler master one? do you see anything that i should change from the build to save some money?
  9. any help guys? :)
  10. O_0 your link leads to no where
  11. yikes haha, just go to they have their black november ad there. just wondering if there are any deals available that can lower the cost of this system in any way?
  12. I'd give it a few more days - some combos are downright weird @@
  13. haha ok keeping my eyes peeled. are you the only one in these forums, or is my post retarded lol.
  14. nah, Batchuka isn;t the only one here
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  16. Yep happy shopping/building and cheers ^^
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