Windows 7- Sandisk cruzer write protected!

I need help either re-formatting or deleting the write protection. I already went into properties and cleared the read-only box- it did not work as it told me I cannot change the properties as it is write-protected. The error reads as follows:

An error occurred applying attributes to the file:
The media is write protected.
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  1. Does the Flash media have a little button on it that you can flip? What is the model of the Flash Media?
  2. +Thank you for the reply! It is a sandisk cruzer 32 gb flash drive. It is the newer "U-Shaped" design. Before it was a little more rectangle edged. Now it looks more like a bullet type design. But I did check for any little flips that I could move. I think most flash drives don't have that feature though. I tried this other command prompt
    override by restarting the computer and starting it in safe which still did not work. Any other suggestions?
  3. yea, most dont have the physical switch anymore. I use to do that all the time tho, back in the day of floppy disc =D lol. Umm, well... Umm, if it's happening on multi PCs I say the device is defective. USB drives are so "plug and play" that you can't really mess it up. When I get home I will look on their website, but this isn't a common issue.

    This is probably what is causing it. Can you just simply reformat the drive? Is the protected partition the majority of the drive, or is it just the small (I assume 200Mb or less) partition with all the 3rd party software on it?

    Also, if your using Windows XP it will not work. The encryption is not supported in XP.
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