What do you think of this Rig?

AMD Athlon II X3 440 3.0GHZ

Asus M4A87TD 870/SB850

Video Card:
Palit Nvidia GTX 460 768MB

Geil 4GB 1333MHZ

Hard Drive: P1,900
Western Digital 500GB SATA 3 7200RPM

Epraizer Hummer Gaming Casing

I am a student so I have a really tight budget ($450-$500) and I am only limited to the local store (I can't buy from the net)
Total cost of this rig here in the Philppines is $450

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  1. What will be the main use for your rig?
  2. GAMING @
    1024x1028 or 1600x1200
    Max Settings
    No AA

  3. That will be a decent mid level gamer it should have no problems with gaming at your resolutions.
  4. Any ideas about the FPS in Next-gen games like:
    Crysis -
    Lost Planet 2 -
    Black Ops -
    Dirt 2 -
    and other games you might think of @ 1600x1200 MAX SETTINGS NO AA
  5. and btw should i replace the gtx 460 with an hd 5770?
  6. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/build-a-pc-overclock-athlon-ii-x3,2811-12.html

    The December sytem builders marathon $500 rig was an Athlon II x3 and a GTX 460 this will give you an idea how it will perform for you they even did overclocked benchmarks too.
  7. G33K707 said:
    and btw should i replace the gtx 460 with an hd 5770?

    I would get the 460 not the 5770.
  8. yeah ..I agree ..although the 460 is a bit more expensive than the 5770 it does outperform it by a slight margin ..
    but why don't you look into a 6870 ? ..its a bit more costly ..but should still fit into that 500$ budget ..
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