2nd build Help needed

Hey guys im planning a new build and need thoughts on/about the build itself
Build is mainly for School/Uni work, Vegas 9 editing, Photoshop, Gaming and for productivity also trying to future proof as much as possible :)
Here are the specs:

LITE-ON CD/DVD Burner SATA Model iHAS124-04 X24
Case either HAF 912, Antec 300, or Rosewill challenger-(Best for cable management etc)
AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition
Western Digital Caviar Black WD1001FALS 1TB 7200 RPM
AOC F22 Piano-black Glossy 22" 5ms
Gskill ripjaws 4gb
GIGABYTE GA-890GPA-UD3H AM3 Mobo(IGP)Should I go 890gx or FX?
Windows 7 pro 64-Bit
MSi 5830 Twin Frozr( as main rendering card)
Now this is where im needing help is an old 8800gts (g92) sufficient to play games with physx at high providing it being a dedicated physx card as the 5830 will do the graphics render?
Oh and i need a power supply suggestion for this build as im stunted for the psu.( 700w or 750w?)
Needing abit of reassurance/help on this build as it is only my second, so some input on all aspects of this build would be greatly appriciated :)
Thanks in advance
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  1. Hello, your build looks pretty nice. Where are you buying from? This influences what is best to get.

    I would prefer a 955 as they are a fair amount cheaper and practically the same. Just clock the 955 up to the 965. Also if your doing some hardcore video editing you might want to look at the 1055T instead.

    I'm not overly sure on monitors.

    I would say that the 880G would be best for you if your not running more then one card. Otherwise the 890GX would be better as it allows x8/x8 crossfire. The FX allows x16/x16 crossfire and thus is only needed if running more then 2 cards.

    Instead of the 5830 look at the 6850 as it is better.

    I'm not sure on Physx though I do believe nVidia disables it when running Radeon cards. The last I heard there when some cracked drivers to support it.

    For a PSU you only need a 500W for a 5830/50/70. If your running the 8800 as well you might want to look at 600W which will also give you some room.

    Theres some stuff to look at.
  2. Hybrid physx is a bit flaky and personally I really don't think it seems to be worth the trouble when you consider the amount of games which actually use it. Since you want it I believe you would be better off going with a proper setup using a GTX 460 as your main and the 8800 as a dedicated physx card.

    If you're buying from newegg... (I forgot the dvd burner)

    I use vegas 9 myself quite often and it loves more cores. The 1055T is a great value for productivity work and will be great for gaming too if you do a mild overclock (its got tons of headroom).
  3. ^That's a nice build (and good reasoning behind it); seems well suited to purpose. Of course, the OP did not provide a budget, which would be helpful.
  4. u dont need a PhySX card just let your 955 do it and youll be fine tbh almost no games use it

    and +1 on getting a 6850 instead of the 5830 its a better card then the 460 OCs like a beast and is cheap
  5. While it's true that few games use PhysX, some do. Also, it sounds like he already has the "old 8800gts," so why not use it?
  6. cuz hes getting a Radeon card.....and its a waste of a PCI-E slot

    if he goes with a Nvidia card (which would be a meh choice imo for price:performance ratio) it still wasting a future SLI slot
  7. Perhaps the OP should build his system WITHOUT an additional GPU (yet). Throw in the old 8800gts and see how it does. I'm not saying it won't suck, but after you've run your games on it and see how much improvement you want, go to the chart at http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/graphics-card-geforce-radeon,2761-7.html and choose a new card from the tier you want. You may save some money that way, or at the very least you'll know why you're spending for whatever you choose.
  8. Surely the OP would know how games run on his OLD graphics card. Likely this is why he is upgrading as he doesn't have enough performance.

    Also wasting a crossfire upgrade option when getting the GTX460 with 8800GTS.
  9. I'm not suggesting he waste anything. After he sees how much more performance he needs, he buys a new card. If it's ATi, he can still play the hybrid drivers game to use PhysX with the 8800GTS. The point being, if a 4-tiers higher card is enough, there's no reason to spend top dollar for six more tiers.
  10. Can't he look up benchmarks for that? That will be a much more accurate way to find what graphics card is needed. How can he assume what card would be suited if hes running a 8800GTS any more then if he isn't?
  11. True, if there are benchmarks for the right games, that would be a good way to know how much GPU muscle is needed before buying.
  12. Thanks for the replies! yes i do already have my old 8800GTS 512MB (G92) and my budget comes to $1500 at the moment so if that helps :). Just want to future proof as much as I can due to being at uni :)
    Im open to any suggestions of this build whether it be Nvidia, Radeon, Intel or amd! suggestions help alot
  13. Hello, if you want to future proof waiting would be the best option. Depending on your current system this may not be possible. Q1 next year both AMD and Intel are coming out with big refreshes which don't happen often. Thus any CPU you buy now will be "old hat" in 3 months time, compared to if you buy then it will be current for 2+ years.

    $1500 is a rather high budget, where were you looking to spend that money? You already have a rough build laid out by your self. If you are unable to wait for the new CPUs I would recommend save as much money as possible right now so that you have some money left over for a new upgrade later on.

    If your buying now and looking to spend all that $1500 (not wise). Then I'd go with around a Phenom II X6 1090T with Crossfire 6850s (depends how much you game) and 8GB RAM.
  14. umm AMDs new CPU and AM3+ isnt slated for Q1 its more like Q2 or Q3
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