How good are asus laptops (notebooks)

Hi I'm Botho France Masisi and I live in Botswana.

How good exactly are ASUS laptops? Are the keyboards smooth? Do the laptops last long? And when you fold it, does it fold smoothly? Does one laptop that costs P2999.95(BWP)have satisfactory memory say 250GB? Is ASUS a suitable laptop for a desperate 13 year old boy? Please answer at '', or send me a message on Facebook to 'Botho Thabang Masisi' or call me/text me at'(+267)72957807'. Oh and when you contact me please let me know who you are-I'm not saying you're irresponsible or anything, it's just a reminder.

Botho France Masisi
P.S: Please respond to me a.s.a.p.(as soon as possible) because I really need a laptop. Thank you.
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  1. Hey Botho, i have just bought a Asus K series K53 for my laptop cost me R3 200.00 i have found through that they are decent as any other laptop in that price range. Unfortunately they are all built as cheaply as possible therefore it doesn't really matter what you buy. Asus however do make an effort to make there laptops look good. I would say yes at that price i would go for it, but maybe rather take a look at the Asus K series as they are using the new sandy bridge chipset as well as the DDR3 Ram configuration.
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