Different BIOS screen overclocking Issue, any help is appreciated!!

hey I have a Intel core duo e6300 1.86GHz desktop and I have read ALOT of forums and did Alot of YouTube/video studying and feel completely kool with overclocking from the BIOS but I have a different bios than most other Intels that I saw.. I have a co965103.86A.5493.2006.1102.1728 and I just wanna know if it is still possible to overclock with that BIOS? If so how can it be done? If not how could I get around that to overclock? Thanks for taking the time to read this and I appreciate any answer I get thanks!
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  1. Motherboard ID CO96510J.86A.5493.2006.1102.1728
    Motherboard Name Intel Guardfish DQ965GF
  2. Motherboard IntelDQ965GF
  3. Well that's all I was gonna do but I can't overclock with the bios I have the fbs is not there... And all the programs I have tried can't do my computer.. And thought/ideas?
  4. Well thanks for the help my laptop should be here soon anyways.. Have a good day.
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