Need help picking a motherboard

So I plan on building an over the top gaming computer. I'm looking to run GTX 570s in 3-way sli, possibly even quad sli further down the road.

I'm stuck on which motherboard I should get that can fit all those cards on there. The current board I'm looking at is . It definitely has enough slots, but they look like they are spaced to close together? Does anyone know if this board will work, and what other boards will work. Price isn't necessarily a problem for me, but I would definitely like to get the best cost-performance board I can get.

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  1. Bump.

    Any answer or opinion would be much appreciated.
  2. A Z68 chipset motherboard with no access to QuickSync for video encoding or ability to use the iGPU for troubleshooting is a waste. Might as well just get the GA-P67A-UD7-B3 motherboard instead.

    Why does GIGABYTE even bother including legacy PCI slots at all on their highest end boards?
  3. Should I even go with Gigabyte? I've been told there are better manufacturers.
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