PSU Selection Confussion

I am confused with these two models i.e. Antec BP550 and Corsair VX550...
Both are available here at same price.
I have another choice of Xigmatek PSU NRP602 600W which is also in the same price as above two.
Kindly suggest me and bring me out of this choice hassle...

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  1. Between the Antec and Corsair it is a tough choice! But I think I would take the Corsair since it has more power on the +12 volt rail. The Xigmatec I would not consider.
  2. The BP550 costs as much as the VX550? Well thats just weird. The BP550 is part of antecs budget line up while the 550VX is corsairs nice 550W unit, its more powerful and built with better parts definitely grab it over the BP550 or Xigmatek.
  3. +1 Corsair VX550
  4. thaks a lottt
  5. Corsair VX550 for sure!
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