Can someone please explain dual/triple channel and PC3/PC2

I'm going to be buying x79 UD5 mobo in November, with the Core i7-3930K It says it has 4 channel ddr3 support.

I'm confused as to which of these will work on my build:

1. DDR3 is PC3, and DDR2 is PC2, right?

2. This new mobo is PC4? Or future proof until those come out?

3. What are the PC speeds? Buffers? Or are they related to ram speeds -1333, 1066, etc.

4. Both Blue Ripjaws appear to be the same except for the speed of the PC3, does this make a difference?

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  1. do you want to use 4 channel ddr3? if so you must buy a matched set. It may work if you buy 2 x dual channel kits, but it might not. Wait till the motherboard is released and buy ram that is compatable with it, they always have a list of compatable tested memory in the user manual. If you dont do this you might buy ram that wont work in the motherboard.
  2. So essentially I'm looking for DDR 3, Quad Channel, 1600. And DDR 3 is obviously PC3. Still not clear on the PC speeds either you guys.

    werner, I should get 1600 if my MOBO does NOT have OC next to it? and 1333 if the mobo HAS OC next to it?

    The Sandy E and x79 gigabyte are optimized for overclocking, so then I guess I'm looking at 1333.

    Does RAM have to be overclocked if I'm OC my CPU? I'll be taking it in to get OC'd professionally and not to drastically.
    It still has to run with my music software efficiently.
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