Does SATA external hard drive work with usb connection

Does SATA external hard drive work with usb connection or is a special adapter needed.
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  1. Normally you stick the HDD in a USB enclosure (around 20 Dollars).
    .. 3 1/2 inch HDDs (desktop models) require a Powered source as they require 12V
    .. 2 1/2 in HDDs (Laptop HDD) only require +5 V and in many cases can be powered from a USB port using a sata->usb cable. HOWEVER I recommend using the enclosure that is powered from a AC adaptor or a powered usb Hub. Reason is that USB 2 ONLY provides upto 1/2 amp which may NOT be enough power.

    Will add Links.

    Here is a powered "DOCK" that will work with either 3.5" or 2.5" HDDs
    Here is a cable that will work with a 2 1/2 in HDD
  2. If your external drive uses an eSata cable then no, you cannot use it with a usb port. You will need an eSata port on you pc/laptop to use the drive.
  3. ^

    I would imagine you could also find one for USB2, just not as common.
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