Power supply gettting really hot while gaming.

Hi I'm new here :D
Not long ago I bought a HD 4850 from xfx with the reference cooler. The card was too hot though so I got a Sapphire non-reference HD 6870. It's powered with some cheap 500w PSU which seems to be getting extremely hot when in games. It Seems to be worse in Bad Company 2 more than anything. I'm definitely getting a better one but just wanted to know if the heat is caused by the psu working too hard?
Also can an insufficient power supply make the GPU overheat?
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  1. I dont think it was a brand of any sort. It just says ATX-500 which is useless.
    Its never got hot before only when I started using a 4850 so I have a feeling it's working way too hard with what I got. I was thinking of getting a 600w psu from Alpine. Never heard of them before but I think they make car stuff mainly.
  2. Yep you're right it's a Win Power PSU.
    Bought a 600w Alpine psu today though which is working like a charm. Cant remember all the specs but it has 34v on the 12 volt rail.
    It gets hot under load but nowhere near as much as the other one. looks like the old one was under too much strain.
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