I need your PSU recommendation

Hello there,

I am buying a new pc consisting of an I7 2600 processor, Asus p8p67 motherboard, 6gb 2000 mhz ddr3 memory, 1280 mb gtx570 graphics card, an ordinary dwd-rw, a 24" monitor, a 1TB sata3 hdd and an external audio card.

My question is: How many watts of capacity should a PSU have for this system? Do you think buying a 600WATT PSU, or a case that includes such a PSU, would be enough?

Thanks very much.
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  1. 600 watts is enough make sure the psu you get has the right connectors for the gtx 570 here are my reccomendations.

    corsair 750 89.99 after rebate


    xfx 750 black edition

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  3. thanks very much everyone
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