Someone please help with my mobo/PSU problem.

Hello people I'm really frustrated as my pc has just destroyed my second motherboard. (well at least my pc doesn't even load bios and no beep sound and my monitor has no response when the power turns on).
Firstly I had a problem cause my CPU fan wasn't on tightly enough, I fixed that and CPU stayed at 35 degrees C. Anyway a bit later my pc randomly restarted when I played games for about 15 minutes. There was never any lag and my pc was on ultra settings for the games. so I bought a new mobo (the same one) and it fixed the pc not loadin up but not the restarting issue.
I just tried removing one of my 4GB ram sticks to see if I would fix the issue. My pc restarted much faster than usual. Then I tried with the other stick. Now my bios doesn't even turn on... Has my mobo been destroyed again?
I tried removing the mobo battery to reset it, but nothing happened.
All my fans are working and everything seems to have power, but it doesn't load up.
I guessed my PSU fried it?? Also i made sure not to touch any parts to avoid static damage... Can anyone help me?

My system:
Asus p8p67 motherboard
I5 2500k CPU with mugen 3 heatsink
4G patriot ram x2
Nvidia gtx 570 graphics card
750 watt power supply
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  1. I just took my PSU and realized the main power connector was plugged in without the sensor. Could that have been the reason?
  2. If you can download Memtest86+, run if from a floppy, CD or flash drive to check the RAM DIMMs.
  3. Thanks I'll try that. I just removed one of the ram sticks and it's up an running again. I'll test the remaining one. It's still instantly restarts the second I start up my game (WoW).
    Also I'm getting a weird graphical tear in the windows 7 load screen. (the screen before log in)
    I hope it's my ram that sucks. I can get new ram easily.
    Current ram is:
    Patriot pc3 12800 1600mhz
    2x4GB kit

    Is it bad to only use one stick of the pair?
  4. No, it's not a problem to use one RAM Stick at a time. However, it is important to know which slots to use on your mobo to get the best reliability and performance. Check your mobo manual to make sure you are using the correct slots.
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