GPU fan very loud, need some help.

Hello, I have an XFX 9600GT, its a pretty old card but it gets the job done. My main problem with it is that the cooling fan on it runs at 100% during system bootup and only slows down to normal speed once windows is fully loaded.

I have a lot of software on my pc so it takes a while to boot and the loud noise it very annoying. I also like to test new operating systems and different versions of linux. Every time I am installing an os the fan is at 100% for like 20mins until the os is fully installed and drivers are working.

Is there anything I can do to adjust the speed of the fan? I tried adjusting it from windows but obviously those settings are only applied once the system loads. Can I edit the bios of the card to reduce the speed of the fan?

Running WIN7 Pro 64bit

Any help appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. Yes you can edit the BIOS, however it is not a very standard operation and if it goes ill, you could end up with a bricked card.

    If it really bothers you (I know the 100% can be absurdly loud) you may just want to get an aftermarket fan that is always reasonably quiet or has speed control.
  2. I was thinking about an aftermarket cooler but the main problem is that my card is a 9600GT its so old that at this point I wouldn't want to spend any money one it. I am thinking of replacing it with a gaming card but they are pretty expensive so it will take some time before I get one.
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