External Graphics Cards?

I heard from my roommate that something like this exists for laptops. Is it true? Also, where can I find one and what are my options if they do exist (IE: Do they come in various versions like normal desktop graphics cards)?
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  1. Not 100% sure if they exist yet or are just concept but this is what you are after.

    Should give you a starting point if nothing else.

  2. my ex classmate told me that his laptop had a 1x slot . it was a hp i guess. had a c2d so it has to be old.
    so in my experience yes there've been (they r useless cuz less multiplier, this is another story)
    but what mactronix showed it 'll change things
  3. So the possibility of using a Radeon 5870 externally with a laptop still exists. That gives me some hope...
  4. its 5670.
    and only 7 amps on 12v (only 84watts) {my crappy dellgx280 250watts have 14amp}
    chiefly NO 6PIN CONNECTOR

    so at the moment its a prototype
    hope it gets better
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