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Hi All, looking for some help on the following issue:

My pc was working fine, turned it on and it powers on but there is nothing showing on the monitor, switched monitors, same result, you just get that "no signal" message on the monitor.

So, I put that Video Card into my spare pc and it worked just fine, so I know the Video Card is good. Then I took a spare Video Card, placed it in the non-working pc, same result, it turns on but nothing displays on the monitor.

Then I just used the "on board" video and it worked correctly, loaded windows, got on the internet etc etc. So I thought ok, the PCIE slot on the motherboard must be bad, So I got a new motherboard & new ram yesterday and it's still doing the same thing, turns on but nothing shows on the monitor. The new mb does not have on board video. I returned the new mb.

I have also reset the BIOS by resetting the jumper as well as removing the cmos battery and also updated the bios to the latest version. No luck.

I also tried a brand new PCIe video card, a new PSU and still nothing?!?!?
I bought a basic PCI card and installed on the original MB and that worked fine.

I know the card and monitor works as I have used them in a spare pc that I have. I have made sure the BIOS is set to use the PCIe as the primary video.

You guys have any idea/suggestions on what the deal is?
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  1. Did you breadboard test with the motherboard outside of the case?
  2. Yes, no luck
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