4650 AGP for Team Fortress 2

I have a pentium 4 and 1.5 gigs of ram, and I was wondering how my computer would handle Team Fortress 2 on high settings with the Radeon 4650 AGP. I can't afford to get a new motherboard, processor, card and psu, so I found this card and I was hoping it could play Team Fortress 2 well, because thats really all im interested in playing on my pc. Also, if you have any other cards that you think might work, feel free to mention them. Thanks.
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  1. Funny how the ATI 4650 has come up in two threads simultaneously. :)

    VaileDuke, make sure you buy an AGP version. Cause the 4650 also comes in a PCI-E version that won't work with your old motherboard.

    Here's VagileDuke's other thread on this same topic:
  2. Accident guys sorry I thought the first one didnt take. :D
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