Where is Samsung SSD Magician Performance Benchmarks Stored?

I upgraded from SSD Magician 3.1 to 3.2, and it has wiped out my old performance benchmarks. I want to get those previous tests restored, and I have backups, but I can't figure out where that benchmark data is stored.

Does anyone know??
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  1. Run a new benchmark. Then use the Find Files/Folders function in Windows to find all those files that were modified today.

    For example, in Windows 98 go to Start -> Find -> Files or Folders, select the Date tab, and find all files Modified (or Created) during the previous 1 day.

    Otherwise, if SSD Magician stores it stuff in your registry, then use a registry monitoring tool to track the changes. You can also track registry changes relatively easily without a special tool. Let me know if you need to do this.
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