Which of these cards is better (or another one for ~125)



One has a faster clock, memory, and more stream processors. The other has the advantage of having a 256 bit memory interface. I don't know a lot about graphics cards but my old one just died so I figured I would upgrade.

What I dont know is if the 256 bit interface's double the throughput is worth it.
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  1. The GTS 450 has GDDR5 which is quad pumped which pretty well cancels out the half memory bus difference between them. Rather than that EVGA GTS 250 i would go for this XFX one that is only $70 after MIR

    The GTS 450 would probably bit a bit quicker but not very much, not worth $60 more after MIRs
  2. Well i figure my computer isnt that old so theres no point in getting a new one for a while, so i might as well get a good card since my last one died.
    I'm deciding between the GTS 450 now and the GTX 460 now.

    Which of these is better?

    The one with the lower clock rate has more cores.. and i'm wondering if i could just clock it up to the other rates.
  3. Yeah, i don't really know what I'm looking for, or what is better than what. I guess I'll decide whether or not its worth the extra money and if it is i'll pick a 460 card. Thanks!
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