Computer freezes 3 sec then resumes


My computer sometimes freezes for 3 secconds then resumes.
It mostly happens when im playing a game or watching a movie.

The freezes are completely random.
It can happend after 20min of playing or 3 hours.

Processor: Core i7 950
Motherboard: Asus P6T SE
Memory: 3x2GB Corsair Dominator GT 2000mhz
Graphical Card: Sapphire ATI 5850
Power Supply: LC8650 V2.2 Ozeanos - Metatron Series
HDD: 750GB Samsung 5400rpm (soon 1 Samsung F3 1TB) (only the F3 will be working)
Sound Card: X-FI Xtreme Gamer

Ive tried format, re-format the hdd.
I had other HDD connected with windows on. And i've disabled the 750GB on disc management and the freeze still happen.

Ive run HD Tune on my HDD, all fine.
Only thing that appeared is Spin Retry count 100/100 (current/worst) but i also read that this might be fake.

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  1. Motherboard, rams and cpu are new components.
    I had this problem before i buy these i have now.

    So, psu or hdd.

    Wich is more common?
  2. From what I can find of your PSU, it's not terrible. The specs look decent. Though, I didn't find any good reviews.

    Check the event viewer, and see if it's logging any errors.

    What antivirus software are you using?
  3. Nothing on event viewer.
    Samsung utility is a bootable program.
    It also say it might delete files...
    And my AV is a combo, Comodo internet security.
    I had Eset internet security and the problem was the same.

    Whats the most common problem? Hdd or PSU?
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