HP mini 2140 Bios password


one of my (ex) students has passworded his BIOS and I need to get in and reset / upgrade the BIOS. I have heard that removing the CMOS battery for five minutes will automatically do this. Can anyone tell me how to find the bugger? Please bear in mind that I may be a complete novice to this so pictures would be welcomed plus lots of instructions,


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  1. Hello,

    Bypassing the BIOS and helping bypass the BIOS is not allowed on here.

    Just for the simple fact is that we don't know if you've stolen the laptop or not (how can we know?).

    If you don't know the BIOS PW you will have to provide proof of ownership and get a hold of HP.
  2. Welcome Tim!
    In cases like this I always suggest that people go to the manufacturer with a proof of ownership.
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    HP mini 2140 Bios password
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