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I have an antec quadro 1000 power suppply with a 6 pin pci-e connector and an 8 pin unlabled connector. I need tow 6 pin connectors. The 8 pin will plug in with 2 pins cout of the connector. The reason I am asking if this will work is the yellow and black wires are reversed?

Thanks for your time
Jim Ozanne
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  1. There is the 8 pin Mobo ATX connector. I don't think that will fit in a PCIe plug however. As an Antec 1kW PSU I have to believe you have quite a few 6pin PCIe plugs. Keep looking for them.
  2. Thanks Guys I think the 8 pin is a motherboard connector, after much googling, the rest of the six pin cable where not provided so I ordered the cables from antec.
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