How to fix corrupted files in external hard drive

- How to fix a corrupted external hardrive without loosing all information in it?
- When a connect my seagate hardrive (USB) into my laptop, it says: NEED TO FORMAT YOU DISK BEFORE YOU CAN USE IT.
- Please i need help. Thank you
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  1. The drive may have failed. Test it with SeaTools for Windows to find out:

    (Click "Downloads" on the above page).
  2. Hello,

    Don't be panic you can easily recover your lost data from hard disk,you should try to use any Windows Disk Recovery software that has been devised to cater the need of recovering the data lost from computer's hard disk or other storage media like PEN drive, ZIP drive, etc.You can get more information about this type of tool from here
  3. Hi! Don't format it, if you still want to get back your information.
    And then, you need to try a drive recovery freeware that has helped a web friend restore his data back from a memory card. It can works well on a drive and memory card. So, if you are interested, you can visit it:
    Oh! One more think, you should remember to back up your important information regularly in the future.
  4. I have a software for Data recovery from defective external hard drive please contact me at 09179009006 thank you
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