Asus GTS 250 Cooler vs. Evga Gts 250 Cooler

Anyways Im getting a Asus GTS 250 and it seems to have a cooler that looks powerfull but looks sorta ugly, it doesnt have that sort of cooler that is nice and rectangle
and it doesnt have that plastic covered around it, it looks messy but its heatsink and fan looks pretty powerful but it doesnt have that clean look. Picture below.

But the EVGA version like most of the other version's have the nice clean look.

But which one's cooler does a better job, I picked the asus because even though it doesnt look nice and clean, it has a bigger fan and has heatpipes and its heatsink is the same size as evga's it just not covered in plastic. So which one is better, not in looks.
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  1. My guess is the Asus probably cools better by design. The EVGA unit looks like it has the standard nVidia reference cooler on it.

    The question I'd pose to you would be, are you going to be looking at the video card?
  2. No not really, My new case doesnt have see threw side panel so it doesnt matter
  3. In that case, I would not worry so much about how it looks. Performance will be the key. Might be interesting to see with a Google search if anyone has done a temp test on the Asus card. That way you can see if it's actually cooler running. :)
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