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I just bought a noctua nh d14 about a week ago to replace a corsair h50 that gave me in the mid 90 when i tried to run prime 95 on a 920 at 4ghz. My question is are my temps about right or should i do something? I have reseated 4 times applyed new tim i used the tim that came with the heatsink . My room temps are about 66f i have a lancool k62 with stock fans plus a 120mm in the front.I have ead all over the net about people getting great temps but mine don't seem to match up. I 34c 32, 34, 31 at idle and 73, 72. 71, 72 at a 4ghz overclock is there anythink i should do to get temps lower or am i safe?

thank you
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  1. Idle is fine. Are those load temps during Prime 95? If so what is it under normal gaming load?
  2. thats with prime 95 i'm not sure about gaming load i'll have to check that
  3. my gaming temps are 49, 51,49, 47
  4. That are not bad temps for the overclock you have!
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