4890x2 PSU requirement

Again, I'm turning to the community because I'm getting conflicting responses in my online research.

I'm currently using a BFG 1000W PSU.

However, I'm running the following:

Asus P5Q, Q9550 (oc'd to 3.8ghz), 8gigs DDR2
Radeon 4890x2 Crossfire X (Oc'd)
6 SATA drives
6 SSD drives
1 DVD drive
5 Gentle Typhoons
1 H50 Waterpump
2 140mm fans
Plus 6-8 USB devices

Now...yes, I've tried the calculators out there - some give me a req of 750W - some say 1000W.

What is your opinion?
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  1. I've got a horrid habit of buying PSU's much bigger than what is actually needed, so my vote would be to stick with a 1000W just to be sure all of your drives are getting the juice they require and that your GPU's wont fail under heavy load.
  2. Is the read out from my UPS accurate in measuring my question? Currently, I'm running Dragon Age Origins in the background and the wattage pull from my UPS is around 400w.
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