Hard disk drive conector causes problems

the signal conector to my sata HDD jiggles slightly in the horizontal plane, when it is more to the left computer behaves erratically, when it is more to the right computer behaves correctly but normal computer vibration causes conector to drift to the left, so must keep the conector pushed to the left. Another posible fix is to get another signal cable, but with no jiggling in either conector of the cable, hopefully. Is this posible? Any suggestions by anyone?
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  1. Just replace the cable.

  2. "Normal computer vibration"? What you may be seeing is socket creep... heating and cooling can cause connectors to move. A locking SATA cable or a bead of RTV silicon between the outer cable and drive will solve your problem... Let it set for 24 hours... The RTV is easily removed when you want it off...
  3. or bluetac the blooming thing in place.
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