hey, I wonder how I can improve my cooling to this graphics card

Asus ATI Radeon HD 5770 1GB (EAH5770 Cu Core/2DI/1GD5/A) - PCI-E / DVI / HDMI

• Graphics Engine - ATI Radeon HD 5770
• Bus Standard - PCI Express 2.1
• Video Memory - DDR5 1G
• Engine Clock - 850 MHz
• Memory Clock - 4.8 GHz ( 1.2 GHz DDR5 )
• RAMDAC - 400MHz
• Memory Interface - 128-bit
• CRT Max Resolution - 2048 x 1536
• DVI Max Resolution - 2560 x 1600
• D-Sub Output - Yes x 1
• DVI Output - Yes x 1 (DVI-I), Yes x 1 (DVI-D)
• HDMI Output - Yes x 1
• HDCP Support - Yes
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  1. I only recommend coolers that I already own. The zalman VF900 and the Vf1000 are just right for this card and are silent. They are somewhat expensive but they are solid copper unlike most coolers these days which are getting to be rare. Any thing else I am just going to say good luck.
  2. so that should fix my problem?
  3. Yes but describe your problem, if it is only high temps or a broken fan then it is a easy fix but it doesn't fix a broken card like artifacts.
  4. my problem is when i use skype and gaming at the same time it often randomly shutting down in two ways

    1. the computer screen is just freezing and shows a few colors

    2. it´s shutting down and automatically restart

    my friends says it can be PSU or grapic card so i dont really know
  5. It is worth a shot but if nothing improves then RMA your card beyond that there really isn't much that I can do to help aside from giving some advice. You can try cleaning your card or replacing the cooler.
  6. because before when i did not change card i didnt have this problem, but efter i changed card its started to restarts and shutting down, and i also looking in to a program called CPUID Hardware Monitor it says my GPU temperatures is 44 celsius when im not playing games and when i play games its says 68 celsius. can this be something you think ?

    before :

    now :
  7. how can i see that my previous drivers are uninstalled ?
  8. it says i need Paypal ?
  9. Procedure to clean install a new driver:

    1) Download driversweeper to your desktop, or wherever you can find it easily.

    2) Download your new driver to the same place.
    3) In add/remove programs, uninstall any Nvidia or ATI vga drivers and programs.
    4) Boot into safe mode. Press F8 repeatedly while booting to enter safe mode. Your display resolution may be minimal.
    5) Run driversweeper. Check the selection boxes for the removal of all nvidia vga drivers and ati drivers.
    6) Rerun driversweeper. All such components should be gone.
    7) Install the new driver from the desktop or saved location.

    To verify that cooling is not an issue, open the side of the case, and direct a house fan at the innards. As others have said, graphics cards are built to run hot, and they do.
  10. when i went in to control panel i saw

    NVIDIA Display Control Panel
    NVIDIA Drivers
    NVIDIA PhysX
    NVIDIA Steroscopic 3D Driver

    if i uninstall these can problem be done then ? or is it a must to do these 7 steps Geofelt wrote ?
  11. SprayzZZ said:
    when i went in to control panel i saw

    NVIDIA Display Control Panel
    NVIDIA Drivers
    NVIDIA PhysX
    NVIDIA Steroscopic 3D Driver

    if i uninstall these can problem be done then ? or is it a must to do these 7 steps Geofelt wrote ?

    That sir is your problem. ATI and nVidia drivers do not mix well. After you uninstall the nVidia AND ATI drivers. Download the latest ATI drivers and install them.

    And yeah, 68C is pretty damn cool for a GPU.
  12. when i install new drivers is Catalyst Control Center also be installed?
  13. Depends, did you download the file from ATI with CCC, then yes it will be. Well It depends as well, they also give you the option to, I would recommend it.

    IF you still don't understand driversweeper. Best guide for it.

    Nothing left to be said.
  14. and another thing can i uninstall my drivers i have now in this way

    Control Panel > System and Security > System > Device Manager > Display adapters > Driver and click on uninstall?

    and when i go in to Control Panel the only ATI i see is ATI Catalyst Install Manager should i install that to ?

    in normal mode not safe mode
  15. What are you trying to do exactly? Uninstall the nvidia drivers or ati drivers? Also what do you mean installing ATI Catalyst Install manger? If it were in control panel, do you mean uninstall?
  16. yes i mean uninstall
  17. Well just look at the driver sweeper guide i posted, that should explain how to install new ATI drivers.
  18. ok thanks for the help i will test that now
  19. when I press f8, there is no safe mode
  20. ok its done, everyone thanks for the help! i hope this will work :)
  21. an issue, this with me to remove all drivers for NVIDIA and ATI would remove the problem that the computer does not freeze and show a lot of colors on the screen right?
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