GTX275 v GTX460

I recently very nearly upgraded my current GTX275 for the newer TX460 - but a closer look at spec - memory bandwidth in particular te older card has higher figures..

Has anyone else bought a 460 to replace a 275 ?
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  1. I suggest that you do not. It is only a option for those who are building new systems, repairs due to failures, or upgrading from a much older card. Your GTX275 should be enough for most users but I see that you have that itch like every one else so I suggest that you either go sli or something better like a GTX470.
  2. All in all, it's considered an "upgrade" but not by much. Unless you can sell the GTX 275 for a reasonable price and also pick up a GTX460 1GB for around $200, then the upgrade should be considered. Otherwise, you're better off waiting another year before thinking about upgrades.
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