Motherboard swapout

Hello :)

Im thinking of upgrading my mobo to a sli mobo so i can SLI 560TI

BUT I DONT! want to reinstall my os -.-

I have a asus p67 le board now and i want a z68 v board which has sli,

Shall i just install my new mobo and just update the drivers?


Should i install the new mobo reinstall os and backup os from my image i have just made

Which would you do?

Thanks :)
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  1. You will have to go into your device manager, show hidden devices and uninstall the old crap. That's it. :D Enjoy your new mobo!

    Edit: To actually answer your question, option #1.
  2. :D, i not got it yet ;D pay day friday :D, just to confirm i have a EVGA 560TI FPB and i wanna buy a cheaper 560ti which is a PNY 560TI will it be on in SLI, both at same clock speed?
  3. Make sure the more powerful card is your primary. Your sli'd card will just do what it can to help.
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