Trouble Installing Case Fan....!

Im building my 1st computer, and I ordered a pair of coolermaster 120mm case fans. Well when i tried installing them the screws that were provided only screw into the fans like a fraction and do not screw in all the way. Is that normal? It feels as though they made the screws a tiny bit to big for the hole in the fan. am i supposed to forcefully screw in the screw? did i get a cheap fan?
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  1. The first time toy screw in a fan its a bit hard but shouldnt be as hard as your stating
  2. Theyre not hard to screw in just, the screw doesnt go in all the way! I am able to install it on my case but the fans are loose theyre not tightly attached.
  3. Ive installed alot of coolermaster fans i would just screw it harder lol.
  4. Ya im thinking of dipping the screws in butter to see if they will squeeze in lol
    cos they look like they fit bt for some reason they dont so ima force it in hahaha
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