Recover data from a ReadyNas Duo V1

Hi everyone. I am a complete novice at networking and RAID, so please bear with me. I have a ReadyNas Duo V1 RAID system that is a mirrored configuration. I have lost all connectivity to it - both through my network, and their management utility called RAIDAR. I've tried everything, and I've concluded there is either a problem with the chassis or the disk. I've reordered a chassis.

Meanwhile, I've downloaded the Linux reader from disk internals. When I connect my drive, it says the disk space is unallocated and I can't see the files. Clearly I know this sounds very bad. Is it possible to recover the data?

I'm sure there are followup questions that need to be answered, and thank you for any help in advance.
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  1. Linux is the right tool. Connect the drives to a running Linux OS or make a live Linux boot CD. Ubuntu is popular.

    You may also want to run hardware diagnostics on the drives to verify they are good.
  2. Thank you for responding. Since posting, I have been able to see some but not all of the files on the second drive using the Linux reader. I can see the folder structure, but when attempting to view the files, it says "there are no recoverable files."

    Can I assume the disk has been corrupted, and if so, is there a chance at recovery? I feel quite over my head in getting into hardware diagnostics, and Linux beyond what I've done so far.
  3. what tools came with the nas box?
    It is posable that the nas box uses some proprietary encryption on the drives...
    So if you do not disturb the drives you may be able to rebuild when the new box arrives...
  4. The only tools that came with the nas box is the installation software for the application that lets you control the box. I haven't disturbed the drives, only saved the little bit of information that I could.
  5. From your description it would appear there is some type of corruption to the file system perhaps caused by bad sectors on the drive. It's hard to tell without further testing.

    I would expect there is a fair to good chance of at least a partial recovery.

    If you want to pursue a DIY data recovery attempt the next thing to think about is making images of the drives. You might try Clonezilla. This will have the dual effect of testing drive health and give you drive copies to use in your data recovery attempts while preserving the original drives.
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