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Im wondering what the best method is for copying hdd to sdd, including win 7 os, and all of my programs. Ive narrowed down to 170gb on my main hdd and the ssd im moving to is 180, so no size restrictions should apply, however it is a 180gb partition of a 500gb hdd. do I need to do a fresh install of win 7 on the sdd, or can i clone tha partition?
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  1. You can just clone the hdd boot disk using Acronis or EaseUS software.
    Be careful not to copy the disk signature.
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    Recommended method when moving form a HDD -> SSD is do a CLEAN Install.
    .. Disconnect ALL other HDDs.
    .. Verify that HDD control in BIOS is set to AHCI and NOT IDE. For Intel Raid is OK and if MB is a Z77 the SSD can be a member drive of a raid configuration. NOTE DO not recommend raid for SSDs

    1) DO not Clone, Use a migration program such as Note some cloning software is really a migration program:
    .. EasyUS, Free for home use
    .. EZ-Gig-II or IV My favorite but cost $18 at newegg (Software free BUT requires a specific USB-SATA cable) Mine was free with one of My SSDs.
    NOTE: TRUE Clone is a direct sector-by-sector copy NO CHANGES

    .. Before Migrating system to SSD, Verify that your HDD is Configured using AHCI. Check Bios. If Not Correct before migrating, else will have to afterwards. IDE does not support windows Trim command.

    .. On size If 170 Gigs is the amount of space on the HDD that your files Occupy, then a 180 Gig SSD is too SMALL!!
    1) Formated size is SMALLER than advertized size (Just like HDD). i.e. My 128 gig SSD after formating is about 121 Gigs. For a 180 gig SSD that probably traslates to 9 or 10 gigs so 180 gig is really only 170 gig. Excluding Games, Windows 7 + a fair number of programs (Microsoft office, DVD converter programs, Photo and video editiong ect) take around 30->40 gigs. To this you would add the space for games - see next (#2) on space availabe.

    2) Just as with HDDs you MUST NOT use the full amount. With HDDs Min free area is 10% so defrag could work. With SSDs it is for other reasons. Initially they said leave 10-> 15% free, now I'm reading that the recommended is 20->25 % free (For best performance and max life).
    Bottom line here is at least 15 % should NOT be used so 180 - 10 - 27 = 153 gigs. (Less if you go with 20% free)

    When done. Download and open AS SSD, Do not have to rn the benchmark - just look at the upper left:
    .. Make and model
    .. Firmware ver (for SSDs latest SSD firmware and BIOS Version should be the latest)
    .. Drive. DO NOT want to see pcide = BAD
    .. Partiton alginment = "OK"

    Also if you did the migration, verify that trim is enabled.
    A clean install will enable TRIM and properly align the partiton. Migration SHOULD, cloning NEVER.

    EasyUS -
    Ez gig II:
    As ssd:
  3. Thanks, I ended up taking Chief's first piece of advise, and went with the fresh install. Overall a very thorough and complete response to my original query. Thanks again, I'll remember to come back here with any future problems.
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