Nvidia driver will not work with my current hardware

I bought a system recently and I have an ECS A785GM-AD3 motherboard that has AMD 785g chipset, and I also bought a Galaxy geforce 220 gt and when I try to download the driver for it, it says "..Nvidia could not find any drivers that work with the current hardware.." I dont know what to do.
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  1. Are you sure you're downloading the right drivers?

  2. positive, went through trouble shooting with the makers of the graphics card as well as the maker of the mb. i said screw it and am currently exchanging my Galaxy 220 gt for a Diablotek 4650
  3. IDK, i JUST had similar situation with drivers for a PNY nVidia FX5700 personal cinema card off eBay. The card ran fine, then i had blue screen of death issues, but i sort of saw it coming :)) So on reinstall i could not figure out which nVidia driver was which, so i downloaded fresh off the site. I had to wait an three days for tech support since it was a Friday afternoon. Then I some clown in India reading directly off the website.

    I know it was from the web site since I had three days to read from it. The point was you might want to call/instant message tech support til you find someone with some skills. My card works so fantastically I bought two more Nvidia cards to run in tandem and use this one an HTPC Card on an older PC. Also you just might not be able to use the newest drivers. I know I could not.
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