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Firstly I know USB2 wont run USB3 speeds but if a USB2 port has a max read/write of say 60mb, traditional USB 2.0 sticks seem to get around 25/10 read/write it seems. Would a USB 3.0 get better speeds than a USB 2.0 stick in a 2.0 slot or would it be the exact same (pretend same model just 2.0 and 3.0 options)? Part of me thinks it COULD get a few mb more read/write with newer tech in the device, obviously it wouldn't get close to 3.0 speeds but would there be a benefit even if slight over 2.0 sticks?

Primary use will be for my OS install with streamed updates/wallpapers/etc to make life a bit easier...figured if I could squeeze 5mb more read for $2 (some are less) more I would do it lol.

Current thoughts were this, seems like alright reviews and the price is jaw dropping considering what I payed for a 8GB 4 years ago :lol:

By chance is there a review site for flash drives? I would love to a see a USB2 and USB3 test on every stick (3.0/2.0 tests on 2.0 slot would also be welcome)
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    afaik in usb2 mode you will be limited by the support the motherbd provides for it. so it will vary between bds.
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