PC case: what you think about Aerocool BX-500

I was going through some sites looking at cases, since I didnt want to get a HAF32 or something too common and found this on sale.

Aerocool BX-500 Extreme Gaming MidTower Chassis - Black

couldnt fine it on newegg either, so is the site a trusted one, and how good is it for a case worth $100
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  1. I like the air flow for 100$ not bad.
    Seems like no one sells it.
  2. ya seems like thats the only site that sells it, but shipping costs are high, +$40, but seems like a great case to me
  3. u can always paint it, but agree, interior is best as black.

    when lloking for a case, i alway try to find something that has a cool side window and good air flow under $100 of course.

    COOLER MASTER Storm Scout looks like it has it all, nice choice too, thanks
  4. Quote:
    I almost went with a Scout but talked myself into the Antec 1200

    I went with the Antec 900. got it for $59 after rebate on black Friday :D :sol:
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