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Ati radeon 3200

Okay, I play WoW, LK, and alot of times I have to put my graphics to the minimum to be able to fight in raids, I have a HP a6750f, AMD Phenom 9650 Quad Core, and Ati Radeon 3200 (0x9610) card, what is the best upgrade I can get within reason for better performance, or should I just save up for the Toshia Quosimo?
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  1. Whats your price range for an upgrade? Whats the resolution you usually play at?

    From the look of the interior pictures on newegg, it doesnt look like you have much space and it looks like you are going to need to reroute most of the cables to get it in there but you should be able to fit something like a 5750 in there which would give you a big boost in graphics power and wont need much power. You will need to see what the rating on the 12V rail of that PSU is, the pictures on newegg were a bit fuzzy, you might need to replace the PSU to upgrade the GPU.
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    We need to know the resolution that you play.
    However its not worth it to get a Toshiba Qosmio laptop because your system(with an upgraded VGA) will perform better than it.
  3. 1600 x 900 widescreed
  4. HD 5770 is a great choice and can handle games fine on your resolution.
  5. Yeah, a 5770 would be great for your system!

    I wouldn't really want to continue going further up the GPU Hierarchy because your CPU may start to become a bottleneck problem IMO...
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