Will my cpu be alright?

So I am new to programming and I wanted to make a program that would find the prime numbers in a given range. Unfortunately I think I made it work too good. I tightened up the calculations and it ran much faster. However, when I was finding the prime numbers between 1-10000000 I smelled something off. I opened speedfan and to my suprise the cpu was at 80C when it's rated TJ max is 73C. I stopped it immediately and temps normalized. What was wierd was the core temp was only around 45C(probably due to the program only using one core). Did I do any damage to my cpu? It was running for 2-3 minutes at those temps.

cpu is an AMD 435 X3 @3.25ghz
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  1. your may have forced only one core to find those numbers.dunno exactly. you just perform the same program on any other computer. If the results end up with high temperature,your program is way too heavy.

    or, go to BIOS and check if you have disabled some cores!
  2. You didn't harm your CPU. Most overclockers, including myself, will run those chips at over 80*C for hours on end just for stress testing purposes while experimenting on getting the most out of our chips. If you hit 100*C for any length of time you might have some concerns. Other than that - no problems
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