Transferring pics to laptop without losing data

trying to transfer pics from card reader onto laptop. message says need to format disk in G drive with warning this will erase all data on disk. Concerned about losing my pics....? Thx
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  1. Try a different computer.
  2. don't format!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    There is obviously some problem with your lappy and reading the flash card...
    Is this card from a camera?
    If so just use the usb cable to connect to the laptop and then you will be able to transfer the pics...
  3. Did you do some improper operation to this card last time? Did you try it on anther computer?
    Now, try to find a recovery tool to help you out and format this memory card.
  4. Next time, you should back up your important data regularly in the future.
  5. Don’t worry and don’t format this memory card. If changing another computer doesn’t make a sense, you could consider trying a free memory card recovery tool which can easily restore the data from a “not formatted” memory card.
    Actually, you problem is really similar to the card problem of my friend. In his case, his phone memory card also receives the same error message after inserting. Therefore, he tries this freeware after searching information on the internet and has recovered all his photos and videos back. What do you think of it? You can download it there:
    Important note: You should not use this card any more till you have restored your pictures back.
    You should keep backing up your important data all the time.
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