Windows 7 Blurry 5770 tried almost everything!

This is my first post here so i'm somewhat new with this.
I recently had a gaming computer made for me. At the time I had a samsung 1080p monitor that I used. I connected it via hdmi and the picture was not so good looking. It was somewhat blurry and the text was especially. I ended up buying a DVI to HDMI and that ended up working out fine and the picture looked good. I ended up giving that monitor to my brother and ended up using a 720p hdtv that only has HDMI ports (no dvi nor vga). SO anyways, not the screen is back to being ugly and blurry. This is happening with both the hdmi cord and the DVI-Hdmi. I have messed with the screen resolution (all settings) and pretty mcuh all settings in catalyst control center. I uninstalled and reistalled all the drivers and still it is coming out blurry. It was really started putting a strain on my eyes lately. Also, the icons are very big and almost zoomed in looking. This is weird because everything on windows 7 is like that witht he expection of HD movies or streaming. Picture looks fine there. I would really appreciate any help I can get on this matter.
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  1. if anyone could chime in I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. HDTV including Samsung HDTV have computer-interface feature. It is to disable the interpolation function of the HDTV. Go to the setup feature of the display and select computer interface on its digital inputs(HDMi).

    Interpolation is a feature to reprocess HD Videos (i.e. TV shows or Blue Ray Disc). It creatures blurring of text on desktop environment when connected to a PC. Selecting Computer interface option disable the interpolation function and remove the blurring.
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