Jut bought an ssd now I need help on how to use it!?

I just bought a 120gb ssd.
I want to install windows 7 (might buy 8)
And just a few games I play regularly, and maybe a few other thing onto t and keep my 750gb hd for everything else.
I have no idea how to setup the computer to run windows off of it, I'm a noob.
How do I go about getting this to work. And once I have it running do I drop and drag my old files ie program files for games from the hd to the ssd or do I have to reinstall everything I want onto the ssd? Thanks for the help
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  1. disconnect the old drive and connect the new one instate.

    in the BIOS make sure you have the controller set to AHCI.

    boot of the Windows7 CD and install the OS.

    you will have yo reinstall all the softwares

    then connect the old drive and see if it is recognized in the Disk Manager.

    you should be able to copy you file from the old user directory to the new one
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    remove all HDD's from your computer and connect only the new SSD - then boot from the windows DVD and install windows, then install all motherboard drivers, then all Windows Updates - then you can start installing your games and programs

    you will have to install from new your games and programs on the new SSD - after all Windows Updates are installed, you can connect the old drive and clean it up (delete windows directory and associated files, programs, etc...)
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  4. Thanks guys I really appreciate it
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