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Hi guys, I got my build put together using an ASUS| M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3 880G R and a AMD 965 125w cpu. I applied the CPU THERMPASTE|AS5-3.5G % - OEM on my cpu, all of the tube. Will this hurt anything if my speed is overclocked to 3.616? Also I get only 0* on Core temp for all cores. Is this because I used way too much paste? Do I need to remove the cooling assembly and CPU and clean all the paste off? It is running fine with all 4 cores unlocked and it does show on Speed fan I get Temp 1 - 31c Temp 2 - 38c Temp 3 - -128c Core - 0c. Have I made a terrible mistake in applying way too much. Will it hurt anything? Just do not want to fry my CPU. I did not read the instructions on the paste because it was way to small to read on that tiny tube. I applied it all in a zigzag pattern and had no trouble getting the stock cooler on. So what should I do if anything?
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  1. Temp 3 worries me 128C is way to high for any component in the computer.

    Your thermal paste should be only as thick as a sheet of paper on the CPU you just need enough so it fills any imperfections between heat-sink and CPU. If you are worried you applied too much then you probably did I would clean it off and reapply just barely a BB size amount on the CPU and spread it with an old credit card that's how I do it and never had a problem.

    Your Core temps not showing is most likely because you didn't install the chipset drivers for you motherboard, without the proper drivers installed it will not get a correct reading. Regardless of the amount of thermal paste applied you should still get a reading for the core temps.
  2. What do I use to get the stuff off with? Is there something special that Newegg has for removing the paste? Also, on the installation mobo cd, where are the chipset drivers located? I had to install each folder seperatly and a couple would not install. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.
  3. To remove it, use something like a coffee filter. Do not use tissue or rags that will leave fibers or dust behind.

    After you gently wiped it off the CPU and heatsink, re-apply the thermal paste. Just put a small dot in the middle, around the size of a pea. When you re-mount the heatsink, the paste will spread evenly from the pressure. No worries.
  4. Also note, for your motherboard... you may not need to install any drivers. The CD that comes with the ASUS board doesn't show any options to install if everything is included in Windows. I have the M4A88T-M and didn't have to install anything except my video card driver. I did install the sound drivers because I wanted the optional software for controlling it, but it wasn't required.
  5. Reset the HSF and reapply the thermal compound as suggested ^.

    There are no cores to unlock on a 965, the 0c core temps is probably because ACC has been enabled. Disable ACC or clear cmos and reapply compound. The -128c temp is the unused nb censor, disregard it.
  6. Thanks a bunch Ohio, but is the disable ACC in the BIOS? I know I can clear the CMOS in BIOS, just not sure what the ACC is?
  7. Just ordered some new paste and will apply it the way intended. Still like to know what temp. my CPU is running at though. Waiting on Ohio to tell me about ACC.
  8. You need use isopropyl alcohol to remove the old thermal paste.

    Depending of your cooler, you need use the proper way to apply the new thermal paste. Check the following link to know what is the best method for you.

    As SAAIELLO says, install the chipset driver of your mobo, temp below 0ºC are only possible with Dry Ice, Phase change or LN2.
  9. When I try to load the chipset drives off ASUS site I get a failure to install chipset drivers. Could this be because too much thermal paste? Or is mobo bad?
  10. The error doesn't have any relation with the thermal paste.

    What exact error do you get?
  11. It says "failed to load detection drivers"
  12. I downloaded the latest Catylist update from ATI and turned off the core unlocker in BIOS and now have it running between 41c and 45c. Does that seem hot when idle?
  13. So, I have my AMD 965 125w running @ 3.8Ghz between 39c and 41c. Should I still clean off the old thermal paste and apply as you guys have stated, or is it running fine left alone? Will over doing it hurt anything?
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    Those are good temps for 3.8GHz, if you want go higher don't forget your temp, 55ºC or below is recommendable.
  15. pjmoses said:
    So, I have my AMD 965 125w running @ 3.8Ghz between 39c and 41c. Should I still clean off the old thermal paste and apply as you guys have stated, or is it running fine left alone? Will over doing it hurt anything?

    When you put the AS5 on the first time, did you remove the thermal Interface material that was on the stock heatsink?

    If not, then I recommend removing the heatsink/fan assembly, cleaning ALL the thermal goop off of the CPU and the Heat sink, then re-applying the AS5 as stated above. AS5 is electrically conductive, and if it gets between any of the pins of your CPU, it will cause a short and could damage your CPU. :o :ouch:
  16. I have shut down that machine and will clean it up of all the paste that I know is everywhere. It was running @ 3.8 Ghz at 41c idle. With a load of running WEI, it shot up to 57c. That seems hot to me, so will get the sticker off that was on there also, and apply new paste before I use it again. This was my first build from scratch,
    2 Kingston 4GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333
    AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition Deneb
    Antec EarthWatts EA-500D Green 500W ATX12V
    Seagate 500 Gb SATA HD
    Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate
    and was hoping to make more to sell. Could not find anything close for under $900 pre-built and thought I could put a few together and make a couple bucks off each. All you Guy's have helped alot and I thank you for it. This site is awesome and will grow with it.
  17. I reordered th Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound - OEM from Newegg. Is that not good paste?
  18. The AS5 is a good TIM, but if you want something better go with MX-2, MX-3, TX-2, TX-3 or IC Diamond.
  19. Well I got all that paste off and it was a mess. Hope I got it all. I used q-tips and a coffee filter with alcohol on them to get it off. Both look new and shiny. Should get the paste in today and will update after putting it back together. Glad it was a small tube or I would have never have gotten all of it off. It was oozing out all over the chip install bracket too. Do not think any went down in the pin holes, so should be OK. I pray it is.
  20. Already ordered the paste. Hope all this will bring temps down from 41c idle & 57c during running WEI. I have 5 case fans pushing and pulling and the case is always cool. There is even one right over the cpu in the case. The case has a fold out mobo side that makes getting to everything super easy, but hard cable management. Also, all the fans have moles connectors and I hooked them all up together. Did not see any way to do it different being moles ends.
  21. :hello: hey there pjmoses, :pt1cable: i dont know much about thermal paste stuff but in my thought the cpu temps can be overcome by changing the cpu fan RPM.
    because in my case i have E5400 2.7 GHZ and was running like up to 65 C at full load but after changing my fan speed it reduces to 12 to 15 C. I know my CPU is not much powerfull as yours but u can try it :sarcastic:
    correct me if i am wrong... :sol:
  22. Where did you change the fan speed at? BIOS or Speedfan? Or does AMD Overdrive support cpu fan control?
  23. In my case speed fan idea of BIOS control...
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