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Hello, I have an ssd as my boot drive .All my steam and origin games are on my 1TB HDD .I just got a new faster quieter hdd so I copied all fules from old drive to new one.I took old drive out but all games are not running as windows cant find the network path.I presume there is files in the registry to change.Anyways how do i go about getting the new drive running with games without re dowloading them all?Please help as im a bit daft.
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  1. try changing the drive letter of the new drive to the same one that was used by the old drive.
  2. Ive swapped the sata cables between the two drives hoping that would work but no it didnt
  3. Hi, shady,

    If you change drives, or even change folders on the existing drive, for that matter, you have to reinstall the software so that Windows can find it. You cannot simply copy a games folder from one drive, or folder, to another. Copying it from one place to another will create conflicting entries in the Windows Registry, and things just won't work any more.

    You have to uninstall the game and re-install it to the new drive, or the new folder.

    If you don't have the installation disk for the game or have some other inability to re-install it, then you'll have to put the old drive back in if you want to run the game.

    Good luck!

    P.S. It *is* possible to adjust Windows Registry settings so that they conform to the new drive's or folder's location, but that is such a pain and so risky that I wouldn't recommend it, unless you have someone to lead you through it.

  4. Hi, Thanks for replies.It turned out to be very simple,I changed drive names and paths in computer management screen and that was it.All games runnibg from new drive old drive formatted for back up.
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