Please help me build with $740

Hi guys,

A bit of intro... I'm from Malaysia. My PSU died on me a while back, causing my HDD to somehow crash so I sent it back to the shop only to find out that they require 3 weeks to return a new one back. So to hell with my old rig, I wanna get a new one...

Anyways, I've got RM2300 to spend which is approximately USD740.
If you want a Malaysian price list (which I'd prefer you to use), here you go:

I'm looking to build a gaming rig. Budget is a bit tight, I know. But that's all I can afford... Hope you guys would be able to help. Thanks!
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  1. Damn it you guys must be sleeping...

    Anyways, USD740 includes a new 20 or 21.5 inch display and a win 7 license. Thanks!
  2. Don't get frustrated so quickly... people will be more likely to help if you show patience. Read this and post again...
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