PSU wattage needed?

Hey everyone, was just wondering if anyone knew how big a PSU I'd need for 2x 570s in SLI?

I was guessing 750w, but not sure, as I plan to also overclock my i7-950 processor
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  1. 750 watts will be plenty, but make sure you get a quality unit. Antec, Corsair, Seasonic have some of the best power supplies.
  2. List all of the components you have in the computer. i7-950+ Board, how many RAM sticks? How many hard drives and optical drives? Do you have a stock cooler on the CPU or large aftermarket one? How many fans? Just add everything up and make sure the PSU has at least 100w extra for breathing room.

    Generally speaking, 750w is enough to handle those 2 video cards plus normal computer setup.

    For more information for estimating your power draw, you can try a PSU calculator like the one from Cooler Master.
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