Hardware Incompatibilities?

Hi there.

A friend of mine got himself a Nvidia 9800,because his old 8800 was broken.The new 9800 however, acted weird and gave much less performance on some games he used to play without problems with 8800.(Drivers were removed and installed) So,he sent it to techical service.There,the card was replaced with a GT 250 saying that the 9800 was "incompatible" with the rest of the system.

What does this mean? As far as I know,components should be compatible with eachother as long as you match the cpu sockets,ram bus speeds and ddr,pci-e/agp thing,sata etc,in short the connections to the motherboard.Can a system match those yet be further incompatible?

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  1. It is rare but not unheard of that hardware is incompatible.

    I had an ASUS motherboard and ASUS video card that would not work together.

    Without knowing which motherboard and video card, it is hard to say if they did not want to deal with it and just gave you a replacement or if they are telling the truth.
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