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I'm looking for a good case for gaming (preferably full tower) , but something that doesn't cry out loud.I wonder if there are any websites with charts that show the decibel levels of cases?

I'm currently using Thermaltake Aquila and very pleased with its noise level.I'd be delighted if there's also a chart including this case (but it's rather old so I figure it's difficult to find...)

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  1. I would recommend an Antec 300D, It isn't the most beautiful case but it has;

    • 1 rear 120 x 25 mm TriCool™ Fan with 3-speed switch control.
    • 1 top special 140 x 25 mm TriCool™ Fan with 3-speed switch control
    • 2 front (optional) 120 mm fans to cool the hard drives
    • 1 side (Optional) 120 x 25 mm Fan to cool graphic cards

    Even with all these fans I would recommend it as it is rather quiet (I know as I own one myself).

    Answered by, JoshWS
  2. This site is made for silent stuff.
  3. If you want a full tower look into the HAF series, either the HAF 932 or the HAF X, they use bigger fans to provide the same airflow, they spin slower so they generate less noise.
  4. Could one say that HAF X or Antec 1200 are silent cases?

    Note that I prefer cases that are silent on STOCK settings...I'm not very good with customization.
  5. The Antec 1200 and Silverstone Raven 2 are regarded as quiet gaming cases.
  6. Generally, look for cases with fewer but larger fans. Larger fans will move more air than a smaller fan while spinning at a slower RPM meaning less noise will be made. I have HAF 932 and its pretty much silent, the only fan I can hear faintly is my GPU's fan. The case itself is pretty much silent. If you want even quieter just purchase a fan controller and turn the speeds down a bit.
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